New Bentley Cars

New Bentley Cars
The brand with a glorious racing history that dates back to the 1920s is part of the Volkswagen Group today, but it continues to make extremely expensive, extremely fast cars for the wealthiest connoisseurs. The Continental, Flying Spur and Mulsanne all post shockingly high top speeds, and still manage to look classy and very British while doing so. If you're looking at one of these 6-figure cars, you're in Ferrari and Aston Martin territory, so congratulations! A Bentley is for someone who wants a W12 engine and 616 horsepower, as in the Flying Spur, and doesn't mind spending the $200,000 it costs to own one. For that price, you also get individually sewn top-grade leather interiors, hand-lacquered, hand-polished wood veneers -- and an unbelievably high level of soundproofing. Bentley describes itself as serene limousine comfort, in combination with phenomenal performance. And who doesn't want that, if they can afford it?
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